Government is not like kindergarten

Like little children huddled together in a playground when something has gone wrong, the Ministers in Queensland’s Bligh government can’t look anyone in the eye and no-one will own up when a mistake is made. None of them has the courage to behave like an adult and exercise the responsibility required of senior government decision-makers.

The latest example of rabbit-blinking-into-the-spotlight behaviour comes from Transport Minister Rachel Nolan. Confronted by credible and documented evidence of serious inadequacies in the state’s taxi industry, she covers her eyes and pretends there is no problem. Failing the most basic credibility test, this Minister ignores reality and hopes against hope that the public will believe more of her pathetic spin.

Which is futile given the results produced by the Minister’s own department:

  • A quarter of Brisbane’s cab drivers don’t know how to get to their destinations
  • A third of drivers regularly break the road rules
  • Hygiene appears to be an optional extra rather than a basic service

So out of touch is this Minister that she gets her staff to write three pages of defensive fluff hoping to stonewall the inevitable. A bit sad really to watch Ministerial staff beating-up on their departmental colleagues. If only they could work together to achieve some results for the public! This unseemly mess has all the hallmarks of passengers elbowing others out of the way to get to the life-rafts of the Titanic.

One of the most infuriating aspects of watching this parade of kindergarten kids is the extraordinary cost to Queenslanders. As Ministers, these guys are being paid the best part of a million dollars each over five years and all we get is incompetence.

This tired and dispirited administration is a shambles. Tragically, an election to clean-up this mess is still more than two years distant. At least in the meantime these Ministers should pull their fingers out and start to deliver what they’re being paid for. But, hey, if they want to go early we’ll happily chip-in the cab fare to get them out of town.