Brethren breach faith

You really do have to wonder about the priorities of Kevvie and his Labor mates down there in Canberra (or Sydney as the case may be for Kevvie himself).

Latest news tells us that extreme Christian fundamentalist sect, Exclusive Brethren, is receiving $70 million in taxpayer funding for their mind-warping schools. That’s right: $70 million and even though Kevvie himself has described this lot as an extremist cult he’s still going to give them our money.

The best excuse put forward was that if the children of these cultists were sent to normal public schools, taxpayers would still have to foot the bill. But at least we would not be subsidising the rape of their minds with vicious teachings and behaviour by their elders (such as denying parents access to their children if they leave the cult).

Much more pertinent is the simple fact that the Exclusive Brethren‘s basic belief is to live separate to mainstream society (so we don’t infect them). On this basis alone, why should they be entitled to funding from mainstream society? By all means reject us but don’t expect us to support you. And certainly not to the tune of $70 million!

Anyone who might suggest denial of funding is somehow victimising the children, the plain fact is that this is one of the very few ways of actually trying to prevent victimisation by their parents or carers.

Church leaders are keen to say their schools follow a state-mandated curriculum but certain texts are still censored and sex education appears to be a no-no.

Incredibly, Kevvie’s deputy, Julia Gillard says there will be a review of independent schools’ funding sometime this year. This must be the only topic that hasn’t been formally reviewed by this administration since it gained office in 2007 but one can understand that there’d hardly be a bureaucrat or parliamentarian available to lead yet another review. It’s time to have the courage of your convictions, Kevvie, and actually make a decision. Yes, they are an extremist cult and, no, they should not be funded by taxpayers.