Tony Abbott – sexual deviate

The hoo-haa surrounding Tony Abbott and his comments about his daughters, virginity and loving relationships is pathetic.

The alternative Prime Minister of Australia – Julia Gillard notwithstanding – was recently asked to comment on his daughters (he has three) and how he felt about them surrendering their virginity. The most basic, fundamental and inescapable aspect of his response was that he offered his thoughts as a father and related only to his own family. He did not – as so many have rushed to suggest – offer policy prescriptions for Australia, the Liberal Party or anyone else. He offered a personal viewpoint, for heaven’s sake!

In doing so he surely should be congratulated for having the courage of his convictions, the sanity to hold two lines of thought (his own and his party’s) and that he can distinguish between the two.

Abbott suggested that virginity was one of the greatest gifts a woman could offer anyone and that it should not be surrendered lightly. How the hell can anyone take exception to that?

Call me a dinosaur, but I hold the view that sexual congress, as they say in the classics, is close to the ultimate gift two people can share. The fact that it has been rendered semi-meaningless by contemporary media should not disguise the reality that love – and concomitant sex – can embody utter sincerity, even sanctitude. As such it embodies qualities and benevolences that transcend the mere act of coupling.

The chorus of criticism by people such as Julia Gillard, attempting to parlay Abbott’s views as a mandatory policy prescription for the entirety of Australian womanhood, is so deceitful as to render her unfit for office. Their snide, sneering and, indeed, sinister slanting of Abbott’s real comments are grossly unworthy.

As a father of two sons, I happen to concur with Abbott and I applaud him for having the courage of his convictions. My great hope is that my sons respect women and anyone else they encounter on life’s journey. Even if they chance to have ‘meaningless’ sex at the beginning of their individual journeys, I sincerely hope they ultimately come to realise that sharing another’s body is – potentially if not always in practice – the greatest gift there can be.

Good on you, Tony. At least your daughters know you care enough to have a view and the courage to share it openly.