A surrogate cougar

Queensland’s parliamentarians worked themselves into a lather as Premier Bligh opted for a three card trick to distract attention from her otherwise parlous political performance. Altruistic surrogacy for same-sex singles and couples was the topic and it ignited passions rarely seen in the staid surrounds of Parliament House.

Both sides displayed an uncommon mixture of mostly intelligent and genuinely sincere convictions though it must be said it was Labor that abandoned discipline (again!) in playing the man and not the ball by indulging in personal denigration. You’d think they’d learn.

But the efficacy of the debate is not the point of this: it concerns a sad example of the genuine concerns one should have when meddling with ‘the natural order’ for initiatives that involve a high level of social engineering.

You see there is this mock celebrity who has stalked the bars and clubs of Brisbane to earn untold column centimetres and legions of press photos (almost all appearing in tabloids or worse, it must be said) for her ‘cougar’ activities. This female has for years cultivated the sleaziest of images for herself by seducing high-profile footballers and getting into compromising positions with them.

One could write a book about the collective idiocy of the sheer number of athletic ‘stars’ who have fallen for this woman’s charms after excessive alcohol intake. But, again, that’s a digression. The sad fact is that this woman has children of her own. Pity their emotional trauma when they fully realise their mother is an alley cat. But it gets worse. She admits – this is not one to hide her charms behind dignity – she can no longer have children after an operation to remove a lot of her biological. But she wants one and wishes to utilise her new toy boy (so many years younger than her it might register in decades or even generations) and, so, she supports this new Bligh legislation.

Whatever considerations any of us might have about surrogacy and even, perhaps, some circumstances in which it might be sanctioned, the notion of such a wayward person being allowed to indulge themselves in this way is beyond the pale. Governments cannot – and should not – act as moral arbiters but unnecessarily opening the floodgates to promiscuous abuse like this is surely cause for extreme caution.

But Bligh – in full lemming-like flight off the cliff – cannot see the pitfalls to save herself. She has lost not just her moral compass (as premier rather than as an individual) and, worse, her moral authority (in the same role). All that remains is to pay the price. And as the latest Galaxy poll indicates, voter vengeance is likely to be brutal.