Der Fuhrer Rudd’s health blitzkrieg

It has been educative to watch Kevin Rudd adopting the persona of Hitler in demanding state premiers bow down before him on health.

For two years a bemused nation waited patiently for some sign that Rudd would honour his election commitment to fix public hospitals. But there was only limited discussion of diagnosis and no hint of a prescription for a treatment regime. Until that decisive moment when the blitzkrieg was unleashed.

The Great Debate with Tony Abbott was a decisive pre-emptive strike and it stirred confusion as half the population was left to wonder what their side’s response might be. The other half were doing rifle drills in their lounge-rooms and getting ready to fall into goose-step behind their leader.

Those most taken by surprise were the premiers who were clearly startled to see Rudd step out of the closet dressed in a hospital smock (snood now eschewed) as he did his rounds of hospitals day after day. The take-no-prisoners torrent of invective revealed his smock was hiding a glittering uniform replete with jackboots and swagger stick.

The message had eerie connotations from Hitler’s pre-war rants: I am annexing that which I consider to be rightfully the province of my government and I will appropriate what I think are necessary reparations for your pathetic past performance. You will agree to this forthwith or I will engage your citizens directly. Do not question me because I know what I am doing is right for the people.

And then he led his hitherto skilfully-camouflaged propaganda machine on a daily conquest of hospitals, clinics and cancer centres. What opposition there was careened away before the onslaught on a bicycle.

The truly disturbing aspect of Rudd’s blitzkrieg campaign is the manic determination to secure victory without debating the detail. Compromise is simply not part of his rhetoric despite a few hand-out sops to mask the megalomania of his march to victory.

Two of the premiers valiantly refused to bow down before the bullying tactics of Der Fuhrer and they have felt the full wrath of he who will not be denied. In a crucial development, their guerrilla campaign has given heart to an emerging cadre of critics whose voice is growing stronger as they question and even denigrate the basic assumptions of the annexation.

The citizenry is left to wonder how the new territory will be managed administratively. Most believe it inevitable that a new army of clerks will be needed to push the paperwork but they fret that these are not frontline medical and allied professionals and cannot see how they will improve patient health. Disturbing symptoms of nausea emerge as citizens consider that Der Fuhrer’s current clerks could not manage installation of insulation batts without properties being razed to the ground. They see the waste and mismanagement of the education revolution and fear sickly that their future prosperity is to be squandered on the great leader’s need to prevail.

It is said that those who fail to learn from history are doomed to repeat it and it has become decidedly apparent that Kevin Rudd is well aware that Hitler carried the masses with him because they were intimidated into agreeing with his view of the world. Is this the democratic future we envisaged for our nation? Physician Rudd, heal thyself.