The Retard State

Remember the glory days when Queensland was known throughout the nation as the growth state? Even if southerners and westerners thought we were a bunch of red-neck hicks, we could still smile and enjoy our prosperity and quality of life. Alas, such comforting thoughts are but a distant memory today thanks to twenty years of Labor rule. Thanks, Anna, and colleagues. You guys are the best. Well, the best at wrecking a great economy anyway.

Latest Bureau of Statistics data shows that Queensland was the worst performing state in the nation over the year to March. And don’t hold your breath for an improvement anytime soon. They’re not up for re-election until 2012 so we have several years more to languish behind the rest of Australia.

The contrast between the Bligh government’s performance and everyone else is stark. Well, it’s true that Western Australia did match Queensland’s lacklustre performance in the March quarter but the real demonstration of our slide comes when comparing us with Victoria.

Over the year to March, Victoria steamed ahead with a growth rate of 6.4%. Queensland’s was a demoralising 0.3%. While the nation – even under the Rudd administration’s massive pump-priming efforts – grew by just 0.5% in the March quarter, Anna Bligh and Co managed to drag us back with a drop of 0.5%.

It is a sad indictment of Labor’s credentials for managing a modern economy but the frightening realisation is that the only noises coming out of the Labor government concern revue-raising. They have strangled the economy and their only potential solution is to gouge us for ever-more taxes and charges. Electricity prices are soaring, every road in the southeast corner is earmarked for the imposition of tolls and our asset base is being sold off to ameliorate Labor’s profligacy.

One wonders whether an incoming Queensland treasurer will find a note in the top drawer apologising for the fact that there’s nothing left in the coffers. At least we won’t be able to say it came as a complete surprise.

Acknowledgement: Kerrie Sinclair, The Courier-Mail, 3 June 2010, p. 59