So, Wayne, you want class warfare?

Australia’s Wayne Swan – allegedly the world’s best treasurer – has dived headlong into the trenches for a bout of knuckle-dragging class warfare. In an attempt to salvage the Australian Labor Party’s trashed brand he has singled out a trio of domestic billionaires to open-up the politics of envy and bitterness. You silly, misguided man, Wayne.

He attacks Gina Rinehart, Twiggy Forrest and Clive Palmer for allegedly raping and pillaging the economy for their own ends. Hmm . . .  So, Gina has taken her father’s  admittedly iconoclastic and bombastic determination to succeed and done better than he ever envisaged possible. And she’s a woman.  Go figure, Wayne.

Poor domestic relationships hinder Gina, naturally, but then we now have a Prime Minister who is an atheist and who lives ‘in sin’. Which one lives in a glass house, Wayne? And do you really think you are entitled to throw stones?

Then there’s Twiggy Forrest who has done more for indigenous employment than any political party or individual in decades. Don’t put yourself between those who now have jobs and those who remain on your pitiful welfare cheques, Wayne, coz the result will not be pretty.

Then there’s that dreadful Clive Palmer who just happened to be so utterly rapacious of ordinary Australians that he gave more than 50 of his workers a free Mercedes-Benz and commensurate gifts to god knows how many others. How does that compare to union officials, including an ALP president, who rort their poorly-paid members to indulge nepotism, sins of the flesh and just outright profligacy? Tell us, Wayne, just how your class warfare will benefit any Australian?

Your base premise is so pathetic it is embarrassing. Not just to you but to all of us. Spare us, please.