Anthony Mundine is no badass, just a bad mouth

There was a time when the physical exploits of Anthony Mundine stirred excitement among Australia’s sports-oriented fans. His athletic ability was a thing of beauty and whether at football, boxing or running his grace, agility and power were a sight to behold.

Mundine became something of a legend and was hailed as a champion of Australia’s indigenous population. He carried himself as a warrior and was just as comfortable battering opponents with a mouthful of stinging barbs as he was at leaving them in his wake physically.

Somewhere along the line, though, Mundine came to believe the whole legend thing and his ego took over from reality. The once eager optimist became an embittered critic. The champion of causes became the demon of denunciation.

Mundine appropriated racism as the cloak for his ill-disguised sneering condemnation of anyone or anything he disagreed with. And there have been plenty who have felt his verbal wrath.

But as his tireless dirges become ever more nasty, we see Mundine for what he really is: a bully. His latest assault on a fellow aborigine, boxer Danny Geale, makes the point perfectly.

In a promotional puff-piece to create awareness of a forthcoming boxing bout, Mundine unleashed a torrent of vitriol on Geale. Worse, he savaged Geale’s innocent family, accusing Geale in the nastiest of terms. “He’s got a white woman, he’s got while kids” with Mundine adding that “I thought they wiped all the Aborigines from Tasmania out.”

Nice work, Anthony. You proud of yourself? A real man doesn’t feel the need to attack the family of opponents. The contest is supposed to be one-on-one in a test of whatever skills are agreed.

Badinage has long been a tradition of these boxing promo events but Mundine scrapes the barrel. He accuses Australia of being one of the most racist countries in the world while asserting that he himself “keeps it real”.

Yeah, right, pal. Know what: you don’t like it here, please leave. We don’t need your sort blackening our name, so to speak. I’m embarrassed that you still cling to your Australian heritage (and I’m not referring to your aboriginality) and I suspect many others are, too. So, if we make you feel uncomfortable, feel very free to take off for greener pastures. Your spite and denigration of your own kind are no boon to this nation.