What WAS he smoking?

Okay . . . here’s a story that stretches belief. But it’s true!

A 58-year old man from Queensland, Australia’s Sunshine State, was busted a couple of years ago for growing one of the nation’s largest-ever drug crops.

He was clearly a farmer with real green thumbs because when police busted him he had already harvested more than 3.5 tonnes. And the cops raked-in another 22,000 plants. Altogether they valued the crop at a shade under $70 million.

Here was a man with a grand vision. He established his weed farm on a nearly 5000 acre farm about 300 kilometres from the state capital, Brisbane. In between watering his little babies, he fathered nine children so his time management skills are first-class. We can only surmise that he figured it would be hard to bring-in trustworthy labour from outside.

But the sting in this tale is that our drug grower was most unhappy with his sentence: 13 years. So, he has lodged a formal protest in Queensland’s Court of Appeal.

But not to get a reduction. Oh, no. Our mate reckons the sentence was manifestly inadequate for the size of his crop! He let the court know it was his firm belief that his monumental effort had not received due recognition.

He has demanded a sentence of at least twenty years!

In another twist, the man was intent on applying the funds from his crop to support an anti-abortion campaign. Hmmm . . .

You have to suspect that he must have indulged in his crop and that it was damned fine smoke.


Acknowledgement: Tony Keim, The Courier-Mail, 23 October 2012.