Cut the crap, dudes


Please spare us the embarrassment, Mitt and Barack. The pretence of your feigned bonhomie during the televised election debates is enough to cause nausea.

Yes, people do not want – and probably would not accept – outright hostility between the two contenders for the highest elected office in the world as we know it.

But the pretend sincerity that you both, deep down, really like each other as you half hug and shake each other’s hand before and after the debates is, well, really quite sick.

The gushing laughter, huge grins and disarming body language are – we all know – simply the most forced posturing seen since Germany and Japan accepted disarmament with good grace at the end of World War II.

Look, we all know you are both locked in a political fight to the death. We know that there is NO second prize. This is winner take all and the prize is, frankly, the most glittering of them all.

So, cut the crap. Be civil but don’t fawn on each other. It only makes you both look like such cheats that neither of you should be trusted with the presidency.