A man with his hand in his pocket

You can usually tell when a man is feeling insecure: he talks-up his competencies way too much.

The latest to feel inadequate is a psychology professor at Stockholm University, Timo Maentylae, who is just publishing new research with an earth-shattering conclusion.

His contention: men are better at multi-tasking than women.

Go, you good thing, Timo!

Hope you know how to cook, wash your own clothes, put out the rubbish and can endure long periods of sexual abstinence.

(And anyone who thinks I’m suggesting that’s all women contribute, just chill. It’s a little joke, okay?)

But our Timo, poor misguided dude he is, believes he can overturn generations of popular belief by persuading us that men can do lots of things at once, really well. Not only that but we can do it better than women.

Has he never watched a woman get three children ready for school of a morning? And all the while ensuring hubby is wearing matching socks and that his zipper is done up?

Nah, it’s never gonna wash, Timo!  Look, I see guys all the time trying to do two things at once and, really, it’s better than stand-up comedy. True story.

Hey, Timo, I’ll share a little wisdom with you. Okay, it has not been fully researched and there is no discernible gap in the literature but it will help you get through life a whole lot easier, mate. Acknowledge your betters and make sure you respect them. That’s all.

And just forget about trying to prove male supremacy. If women wanted us to be the better sex, they would have endorsed it generations ago. Silly man.