Dirty, rotten, stinking scoundrels

The bare-faced cheek of some people is almost beyond belief.  Their arrogance is so outrageous you wonder how they can live with themselves. Then again, politicians have never been noted for their reticence, humility or altruism.

Even so, a new entrant in the scandalously greedy class has just emerged. The members call themselves The Association of Former MPs of the Parliament of Australia. Did they not understand what happened when we voted them out? We no longer wanted them to represent us so we got rid of them. Or so we thought.

But the lure of easy money has aroused them from their retirement torpor. They are planning a High Court challenge as an attempt to regain lurks and perks that were wound-back as part of reforms ushered through the current parliament earlier this year.

Their entitlement to a lifetime Gold Pass for free travel was reduced from 25 domestic flights a year to a mere ten. Superannuation entitlements were also reduced. Bear in mind that just one of these former MPs – and his family – took 55 free flights in the last six months of last year. That makes a sense of entitlement look like a Buddhist monk with a begging bowl.

There are some 400 of these greedy little rats who are already on generous pensions and unbelievably generous superannuation. But too much is never enough for some people. Perhaps they should rename themselves, The Peter Slipper Memorial Society.

The estimated cost to taxpayers of a successful legal challenge is estimated to run into hundreds of millions of dollars. But, wait for it, these deluded tragics actually want us taxpayers to fund their legal challenge for them. Bloody hell.

I tell you, Australians are noted for being a pretty easy-going lot but something like this could just foment a revolution. There’d be no shortage of willing voters ready to leap the barricades and demonstrate viscerally just how much we admire and respect politicians.

You have to wonder, though, how some people can be so removed from reality. They have been shunned by the electorate but appear unable to grasp that rejection. So, let’s be blunt. We got rid of you because we didn’t like you, we still don’t like you and we find this initiative utterly objectionable

Honestly, there are paedophiles and rapists who have more decency than is being shown by these shameless creatures. And anyone who thinks that is harsh should know that my true sentiments are much stronger than I have expressed here.


Acknowledgement: Steve Lewis, The Courier-Mail