Assange, a mere blemish

Who the bloody hell does Julian Assange think he is? Frankly, he is nothing more than a pimple on the bum of the universe.

Whatever one might think of his action in revealing untold volumes of secret US documents to the world, he is little more than a thief and a braggart.

Sure, many praise him for courageously defying the might and supremacy of the United States and its pervasive military machine. On that basis, he perhaps is worthy of a cheer.

But that’s it, folks. Beyond that brief moment of infamy, his fame is forever tied to and limited to the reality that he is an anarchist. That’s fine in itself but Assange now well and truly believes the deluded fantasy worship of his many followers around the world: most, apparently, lost souls like Assange himself.

What he did does not make him a credible pundit on global politics or anything else. His views on the US presidential election are irrelevant. He says Barack Obama is a “wolf in sheep’s clothing” and anticipates the US government will continue to attack his wikileaks website. Well, doh!

Barack Obama has failed to deliver on the perceived promise of his first term in office and has a mighty task ahead of him. We can only hope things go better second time around.

But for Assange to think his views on world politics are worth anything but curiosity value is simply yet another delusion in his weird world of intrigue and fantasy. Get over yourself, pal.