Kids in kindergarten learn more than LNP Ministers

You have to wonder about the mental capacity of Queensland’s Liberal National Party government. Here they are just over half a year into their first term and they are singing from the same hymn sheet that got the previous Labor administration run out of town in the largest landslide ever.

It is indisputable that the perceived corruption and maladministration provided by Labor was (in tandem with dreadful economic management) one of the key factors in their demise. Yet the LNP is hell-bent on following in every footstep of their delinquent predecessors.

Worse, is that a foul aroma is now emerging from the office of the one of the supposedly brightest lights of the new administration, young Attorney-General Jarrod Bleijie. He is proposing to wind back hard-fought gains in Right To Information Legislation (Freedom Of Information elsewhere). Why? Because too much scrutiny is scaring people away from becoming politicians.

Can you believe it? The most senior protector of public freedoms in the state now wants to diminish them to provide protective cover for his legislative mates. How’s that for a kamikaze dive into the very shallow Will-I-Be-A-One-Term-Wonder pool?

Bleijie apparently had this hare-brained idea in the wake of the demise, ministerially, of his former Cabinet colleague, Dr Bruce Flegg who stood aside from ministerial office because of allegations of cronyism, nepotism and sloppy administration.

Take a deep breath and read Bleijie’s comments as reported in The Courier-Mail: “What all this has done over the last few days, it’s going to be a challenge in the future if this is the way we’re going to get people to actually want to be politicians. If this is the public scrutiny that people and their families go under, and we saw it in the election campaign, people are not going to be interested in becoming politicians anymore.”

Hate to break it to you, Mr Attorney-General, but that’s naivete verging on stupidity.

Dr Flegg’s demise cannot be isolated from his breach of strict orders from the Premier on how to administer RTI processes and breaching formal standards in his dealings with his prominent lobbyist son.

So, a new government elected on the utterly unqualified promise to clean out corruption now wants to bend the rules to protect its own. Are these guys for real? More to the point: do they think voters are stupid? Coz they’re gonna find out with a helluva clout around the ears.

And if you think Bleijie’s comments are capable of being misconstrued or being taken out of context, here’s what he also had to say in The Courier-Mail about the mists of corruption and nepotism swirling about his government: “I just think people are getting too carried away with these matters.”

And you think you are qualified to be the state’s most senior legal officer?  Hate to break it to you, son, but you just failed the integrity test.

Tell you this for free, Mr Attorney-General: Queenslanders thought they had put the dark days behind them when they elected you lot. The cave whose door you have just opened contains a stygian blackness that will swallow you and all your colleagues whole if you dare go through it.

Go on, see if I’m right or wrong. If you have not yet learned how brutal Queensland electoral vengeance can be, you are on track to be reminded. Don’t say you were not warned.


Acknowledgement: The Courier-Mail, 15 November 2012