Falling down in the credibility stakes

My, my! Unsteadiness continues to sweep the Ministerial ranks of Queensland’s new LNP government.

Arts Minister, Ros Bates, has had a first six months in office that makes Christchurch seem like the Rock of Gibraltar.

The dreadfully unfortunate Ms Bates appears more accident-prone in real life than in her portrayal of a Cabinet Minister. Coz that’s not winning any Academy Awards. In fact, her colleagues must be about ready to re-introduce unrestricted gun licensing in the hope that there could be just one more ‘accident’.

Poor Ms Bates recently had medical difficulty with her arm. She looked quite stoic in her full sling as if, Boadicea-like, she could overcome any manner of adversity and smite her opponents regardless of setbacks.

So determined is the Minister to prove her mettle that she recently demonstrated for the TV cameras just how she could drive her big 4WD regardless of her arm impairment. See, it’s that kind of ability that must signal above average ability such that one is deemed suitable for Ministerial office.

In a stroke of remarkable coincidence, that arm difficulty did manage to let Ms Bates avoid a parliamentary sitting in which the Opposition was almost needful of nappies they were so eager to question her about implied improprieties in her ministerial manoeuvrings.

Ah, but – and you won’t believe this, folks – fate has intervened yet again to save Ms Bates from interrogation. And in remarkably similar fashion, it should be noted. Who says lightning doesn’t strike twice?

This time, Ms Bates has had an apparent fall in her home. This dreadful setback will mean she will be too incapacitated to undertake her ministerial duties for several weeks. And, in a turn of remarkable coincidence, will render her unable to attend parliament where, lo and behold! the Opposition once again was busting a gut to ask her all manner of difficult questions.

And to think Ms Bates is likely to not have to face parliament again (because of their summer recess) until February next year. Tell ya, is this girl unlucky or what?

Hey, Ms Bates, perhaps you could call on your colleague Dr Bruce Flegg for a consultation since he has a lot more free time now that he’s quit as a Minister and the suggestions that he was moonlighting as a GP indicate he has kept his medical skills up-to-date despite the demands of ministerial office.

Truly, on a scale of ability to generate public confidence, you two are bookends and clearly have much in common.

In both cases, Queenslanders are having enormous difficulty discerning any difference between Bates-Flegg and the lacklustre performance of the Labor government we just tossed out. So much for a new era of competence and quality governance.