I’m in love with Stephen Hawking

Okay, so the guy’s not a matinee idol. Not the hottest dude on the block. But he’s smart! And that’s an attraction all of its own.

I have been watching a couple of series of TV programs featuring Stephen Hawking unravelling the mysteries of the universe. He’s amazing.

To be in the presence – even televisually and at an extraordinarily remote level – of such an intellect is like lying under an apple tree with Newton. It can change your life.

Frankly, I feel validated hearing Hawking offer his explanations of natural phenomena. I was never smart enough to conceive the answers he has but he is resolving the same questions that baffle so many of us.

That Hawking can so simply and eloquently elaborate on why there is no god is remarkable. I am sure it offends many people who put faith above rationality. That is their choice and good luck to them. I have always maintained that those who have faith (no matter in what) are fortunate, indeed.

They can explain away the mysteries of the universe by an act of faith.  It’s a good crutch

Hawking suggests our universe began from nothing and is balanced by positive and negative forces.  That much I can accept on faith because my faculties cannot fully comprehend the complexities of Hawking’s arguments.

Where I might dare to disagree with him is the proposition that nothing preceded The Big Bang. He has laws of physics to support his contention. And he makes sense. But, still, deep inside, I suspect there is a cyclical process at work. On a timescale that makes billions of years seem like the passing of seconds.

Perhaps the big bang was preceded by a cycle of what we might call The Infinite Implosion in which all of matter shrinks to a black hole of miniscule proportions until – Whammo! – it all explodes and the cycle of the universe begins again.

The flaw in my thinking is that I would have to match wits with Stephen Hawking to dare suggest an alternative to his proposition. I ain’t that good.

More to the point, if there were a cycle of implosion and explosion that cyclically creates and destroys ‘the universe’ it would again open the possibility of a god (or somesuch) initiating the whole process. That could put a cat amongst the pigeons. Especially the issue of who created the god who created the universe and who created what created god? See, the mind starts to play tricks.

Ah, the frailty of humankind. Why we think we are the most advanced lifeform that could exist in the universe seems an absurdity to me. But it is a comfortable illusion until proof of something else comes along if, indeed, it does.

So, thank you, Stephen Hawking for persisting against the frailties of your body to invest your intellect in all of us that we might yet know our place in this fabulous cosmos. We appreciate you sharing.