Barack fires blanks on gun control

Weasel words. That’s what we got from  Barack Obama as he squandered the mandate of his presidency while pretending to comfort the grieving families of those massacred in  the Sandy Hook catastrophe.

Even before then, the president was all but conceding defeat to the conservative pro-gun lobby. What a wimp!

Okay, if you’re a gun-lover, you’ll be wanting to disengage right about now. But, hold on, consider this and then weigh up your options.

The rest of the world does not understand the hold that the right to bear arms has on the American psyche. But we get that it’s strong. Still okay. But something is clearly not quite right in the world that honours the right to bear arms.

Regardless of the triteness and absolute untruth of Barack Obama’s statement before meeting Sandy Hook families: “. . . we can’t accept tragedies like this to become routine”. Sorry, Mr President, but it already has. Would you seriously like to argue the opposite in light of the massacres of recent years? It’s a depressing record.

Frankly, spouting mealy-mouthed homilies verges on the indecent after an event like this. Most people around the world really thought Barack Obama would offer a different presidency. His rhetoric offered hope and promise. That an African American could win the White House convinced us that anything was possible. And, if Obama was the voice of reform, surely he would deliver. We really thought he would emulate John F Kennedy and create a lasting legacy. But it was not to be.

That the Sandy Hook gunman’s mother collected an armoury of weapons and took her troubled child to a shooting range for recreation surely cannot be ignored in reviewing the aftermath. The trite lines that people, not guns, kill people and that a psychologically disturbed person will always find a weapon to satisfy a murderous intent just don’t cut the mustard.

Allowing the unfettered accumulation by ordinary citizens of automatic weapons designed to cause mass death is a peculiar form of madness. The rest of the world looks on in almost mute disbelief as we confront the wall of resistance that says: hey, there’s nothing wrong with this; this is our birthright.

We are not holding our breath to see meaningful reform introduced. Ain’t gonna happen. Obama has already gone to water. Oh, his performance during a memorial service was brilliantly executed. The tears of a grieving father symbolising his genuine remorse at what has happened.

Yet, the words were a surrender. Suggesting that he would try to use the power of his office to achieve something is not a rallying cry for reform. The true meaning of such wimpy words is that, apart from some window-dressing, life will roll on as it has. No reform. More massacres coming.

Americans might find criticism from other parts of the globe offensive. That’s regrettable because the intent is not to cause offence. Just because we disagree with you on some issues does not deny the ties that bind. And there are many of them, especially between America and Australia.

More than any other nation on earth, we have stood shoulder-to-shoulder with you in conflict after conflict in pursuit of the same ideals. That surely demonstrates our bona fides and entitles us to an opinion.

In professing our abhorrence at Sandy Hook and pleading for change we are sympathetic to a nation’s plight. But we don’t get that nothing will change. It’s just very sad.