Silly, bloody woman!

Australia’s Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon, offends me. She sets my teeth on edge and I find her politics distasteful in the extreme. And, whatever her belief system, I don’t bloody like that, either.

Yes, I am belabouring a point. I’m affronted by her attack on the most fundamental principle of our democratic system of governance: freedom of speech.

Roxon and her fellow ideologues in the Australian Labor Party have decided they want to make our little world a better place by threatening us with criminal sanctions if we speak our minds. They have drafted new anti-discrimination laws that would make offending someone unlawful. Typical bloody left-wing loonies. You offend me!

So pathetic is this ham-fisted attempt at imposing a nanny state on us all that if I made a comment at work which you decided you did not like, you could claim to be offended and launch legal action against me. The bar is set so low as to be absurd. After all, it is not even as if I had said something offensive to prevailing standards but simply if you decided you wanted to take offence.

Imagine the opportunity for payback in the workplace. Imagine the courts tied-up in frivolous spats about who said what and how offensive it was deemed to be. Imagine the costs of unleashing a new area of litigation on a society already dallying with unhealthy litigiousness.

It is equally pertinent that this represents a fundamental attack on the Australian character. It is an integral element of our national psyche that we take the piss. We sink the slipper in (verbally, at least). We poke fun at others. Self-deprecation is a national attribute.

In the same way that Japanese, say, would generally find it a loss of face to deliberately mock someone else, we are entirely the opposite. For those not familiar with our culture, we are not rude or arrogant: we do not go around insulting people for the sake of it. But we do pride ourselves on a larrikin attitude that values self-effacement and pricking the pretentiousness of those who think they are better than the rest of us. Like Attorney-General, Nicola Roxon.

Bugger off and leave our penchant for banter alone, woman. The ethics and morality of those who profess to embody freedom by curtailing freedom must be questioned. It is sleight of hand that shouts an ulterior motive.

And you need look no further for proof than that, if I said I hated the Labor Party’s policies and that one should not vote Labor, Roxon could find my comments offensive and sue me. Now do you get an idea of why she thinks she should ‘protect my freedom’? Do these charlatans really think we are that stupid? What a sad travesty of a nation’s pre-eminent law officer she is.