Armed teacher madness

That some people believe we are the highest possible life force in the universe always strikes me as strange – and very arrogant.

The stupidity of such a viewpoint was rammed home unmercifully this week with news of a considered response to the recent Sandy Hook schoolchildren massacre. The concept: encourage teachers to go armed in the classroom.

The idiocy of such an approach leaves me shattered.

For those who adhere to this nightmare scenario, this is the surrender of all hope for a sane, rational world.

Oh, the trite arguments in favour are all there: teachers need to be responsible for their own safety; schools should have the capability to respond to emergency situations with due force; that only sane armed people can stop insane armed people from random acts of violence.

I recoil in horror from the thought that my children could be educated by someone who thinks it appropriate to carry a concealed weapon during every class, in anticipation of a breakout of armed violence.

The notion that schools should claim for themselves the right to usurp the traditional roles and responsibilities of security services such as police in meeting the threat of an armed intruder verges on insanity.

That only a good guy with a gun can stop a bad guy with a gun harks back to the worst Neanderthal traits of primitive society.

Yes, some will lose their lives in entirely unfortunate circumstances that cannot be condoned. But the idea that incessant escalation of weaponry has any potential for halting violence is absurd.

Whatever happened to the global leadership exercised by pacifist protestors such as Gandhi and Martin Luther King? Do we write them off as fools who implemented a seriously misguided approach to the proliferation of violence?

Have we already forgotten the lessons of the Cold War when the world teetered on the brink of nuclear annihilation as two massively over-armed opponents stood toe to toe trading insults and daring each other to go the next step?

And what is the rest of the world to make of American society – which very willingly exercises de facto global leadership – and its future role as a model for humanity?

Truly, if this is the future, then I want no part of it. When my time comes, I will depart gladly but with immense sadness for my children who must cope with such abominable madness.