NRA is sick, sick, sick!

Okay, so the rest of the world does not get Americans and the desire of so many of them to want to carry guns. Still, we can accept that bearing arms is part of the national psyche and something unique to their history.

But as for the National Rifle Association and its behavior as leading advocate for unfettered gun ownership, well, words just fail. No, there are many words that come to mind but most are not suitable for public reproduction. The NRA leadership is as mentally ill as those they proclaim we need guns to protect us against.

There are two current initiatives that condemn the NRA in the eyes of any sane human being.

First, just a month after the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre, the NRA releases an iPhone app for children aged from 4 years old. It is given away free.

The app is called Practice Range and it teaches these ‘babes in arms’ to shoot coffin-shaped targets. Charming! And these tiny tots get a range of weapons choices including AK-57 and M16 assault rifles. Any normal four-year-old could not even heft one of these murderous machines of war. But that don’t bother the NRA. Truly they must believe in the adage of get ‘em young and keep ‘em. Sick bastards.

But that’s not the full depth of depravity to which the NRA will stoop. It may well be the bottom of the barrel of NRA sleaze and slime but it’s not the only slithery piece of malevolence to haunt that very dark space.

There is a new attack ad across American television in which the NRA decries the president for allowing the Secret Service to protect his children at school. The NRA claims Barack Obama is seeking a special privilege for his own children that he wants to deny to the rest of the American juvenile population.

Wow. Ya just have to wonder what goes through the minds of these NRA leaders who command such massive electoral support across the US.

If their attitudes reflect even a large swag of their supporters, then American society is in deep trouble – and the rest of the world will share the inevitable and awful consequences that will eventuate.

If not, then surely it is time for any sensible and decent members of the NRA to cry  ‘enough is enough’ and demand a moderation of how the NRA goes about its business.

The world fought Hitler because he was not much more deranged than the NRA leadership is. He just got more malevolent the longer he was not repudiated. So, how long should this cancer be allowed to fester in a sane society?

Producing and disseminating a free iPhone app to teach four year olds how to use assault weapons by aiming at coffin-shaped targets. Seriously, how much further should these people be allowed to stoop?