Hilary Clinton: will she or won’t she?

What a remarkable woman is Hilary Rodham Clinton. Whether one likes her Democrat brand of politics or not, it is difficult to ignore her contribution to the United States of America and, indeed, global politics.

Her career began to shine brightly way back in her university days as she stamped herself as someone to watch. A fierce intellect was backed by great public speaking skills and an innate knowledge of politics.

Certainly she impressed William Jefferson Clinton who formed a formidable partnership with her that took him to a Governor’s mansion and Hilary to the Senate.

Bill, of course, kinda screwed things up with his need to secure the practical endorsement, shall we say, of female voters. Mind you, that was a trademark of John F Kennedy so Bill travelled in reasonable company.

Feminists were mortified when Bill’s White House antics were revealed but Hilary stolidly stood by her man. It was a decision many still question but who, other than those two, can say how or why the decision was reached and what was involved in it for their behind-the-scenes relationship. But it remains intact today and that speaks volumes.

Bill continues to ply his political skills for grateful people like Barack Obama and proved himself very capable at securing fundraising contributions when Obama stormed the White House.

Hilary was welcomed to the inner circle as Secretary of State and has performed creditably. So well, in fact, that she is regularly mentioned as a potential candidate for the Presidency when Obama’s term comes to an end.

Some detractors say Hilary is not as good a Secretary of State as Henry Kissinger and a very select few others. But Kissinger would never have made a good president so the point is moot.

Hilary is, one suspects, enjoying her chance to play a guessing game with media and political aficionados across the globe. She will be 69 if she gives it a go but that seems a very minor impediment.

Just as Obama brought an awakening of American society by becoming the first African-American to conquer the White Housel so would Hilary by showing a woman is equal to the task. Personally, I think she can – and should. But I don’t get a vote!