Childcare weirdness threatens adult health


The world is going to the dogs. There is no other way to explain the nanny-state, political correctness idiocy that is destroying life’s little pleasures the world over.

Sadly, Australia is as infected as badly as anyone else with the latest illustration coming to us from the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC).

These eminent experts have run their stethoscopes over childcare and found it to be a very germy business. In fact, it seems to have made them feel sick given the recommendations they have made to safeguard the health of our young ones.

Pity the poor staff who thought they were employed to provide quality activities to engage young minds. They won’t have much time for that after they have finished washing all toys and cushion covers every single day. Not only that but all floors and even door handles, for heaven’s sake.

Nor are the kids safe from this clean-freak insanity as they will have to wash their hands in alcohol sanitiser not only after playing in the sandpit but before, too!

And don’t even imagine that children will be allowed to enjoy themselves under this new cleanlier than thou regime. Some of the most enjoyable memories of childhood will be expunged because of the fear of spreading germs.

You see, our medical experts reckon it’s just filthy to have children blowing out candles on birthday cakes. So, that’s been banned!

If our littlies want to share some joy, their pressured parents will have to fork out for separate cupcakes.

Fortunately, sensible General Practitioners have taken a somewhat saner view and suggested the new guidelines are a step too far.

Their view is that germs are an inescapable fact of life and that trying to sanitise the world is both impractical and a threat to health later in life. They sensibly believe that being exposed to germs is part of nature’s way of developing immunity to more serious infections as we get older.

Makes you wonder what the NHMRC thinks about those inoculating injections we endure before travelling to strange places To think we actually put germs into ourselves to protect us. Go figure!  Sorry kids.