Asylum the right place for Assange

Forget the steel barred cell that Swedish police want to incarcerate Julian Assange in. Forget the pokey room in the Ecuadorean embassy in London where he is currently holed-up. The Wikileaks initiator should be confined to a padded cell with a jacket that straps at the back and marked not for release. For, surely, the man is as mad as a hatter.

His latest burst of idiocy revolves around him standing for the Australian Senate at this year’s federal election scheduled for September. He reckons Australians like him enough to elect him. The fool.

Apart from some loony tunes lefties, most Aussies are embarrassed by him. And while we do harbour some doubts about the covert activities of the US military we are not comfortable with the whole notion of Wikileaks and the anarchist approach taken by Assange.

Given how many hours a day Assange has to sit and think about things because of his inability to leave the embassy, you would think he could have come up with something less harebrained than this flight of fancy.

Consider this for a line of reasoning. He seriously suggests that if he were elected, US authorities would simply drop their pursuit of him in order to avoid an international incident. Yeah, right!

Australia and the US might be strong allies but there are limits even to friendship.

Assange then reckons that, because of a requirement that – if elected – he must take his seat within two months, authorities everywhere would just stand back and let him return like a lord to the place of his birth.  He wishes.

Then he said that if he could not take up his seat in the Senate, he would be dismissed but that the Australian people would not stand for it because of the dismissal of former Prime Minister Gough Whitlam. Apart from the fact that these two scenarios have absolutely nothing in common, Assange vastly overrates his supposed popularity with fellow citizens. The vast majority couldn’t give a rat’s —-  about him.

Now, his followers are preparing to form a political party to help pull votes for Assange. If there are ten of them and they all have their usual portion of hands and feet, they should have no difficulty tallying his ballots.

Remarkably, Assange has proffered some core values for his new party. Civic courage is prime mong them. Like the civic courage he demonstrates by failing to attend Sweden to face criminal charges. Truthfulness. Like his betrayal of US and other citizens through the mass release of confidential information. And a free flow of information. Like the absolute tyrannical code of silence he imposed on his own workers at Wikileaks.

This pathetic creature has become so deluded by his own fascination with himself that he has lost all sight of reality. He is to be pitied. One can only hope that he does stand for election as it will provide an acid test of his purported popularity and the results may force him to re-evaluate his wild delusions. But don’t hold your breath. He appears past redemption.