Primary school principals a bunch oif dills


Is it a brave person who dares suggest school principals are a bunch of dills? Not if they’re the mob who run Australia’s primary schools. God help our kids!

Why? Because they are seriously suggesting that teaching reading, maths and science could be a waste of time. True story.

These enlightened educators of our young would have us believe that “the international community” may consider these three core subjects to be “unimportant” in twelve years’ time. Have you ever heard a bigger load of rubbish in your life?

Seriously, our international competitors must be laughing themselves silly that such nonsense could be espoused by our principals.

And how could a supposedly highly-educated group of educators even say out loud that we are in danger of placing too much emphasis on teaching our kids reading, maths and science? What would they prefer to teach: petal gathering in the springtime; astrology with tea-leaves; astral travelling in the moonlight?

The Australian Primary Principals Association suggests we risk damaging our children’s minds by narrowing their focus on basic literacy and numeracy skills at the expense of “undervaluing creative aspects of the primary school curriculum”. Bunch of bloody wankers!

People like this have had control of our national curricula for far too long. If anyone wants to know why Australia’s international education standings have slid down the ladder of global rankings faster than a icy-pole off its stick on a hot summer’s day, they need look no further.

Get this: they based their assessment on a “blog discussion” – yeah, deep academic research helped nurture this thinking.

But, wait for it: what do you think they would prefer to teach? Oh, you’ll die laughing if you don’t choke with apoplexy at this nonsense. Their preference?  “ . . . a much broader knowledge base; skills such as creativity, critical thinking, communication and collaboration, character-related traits in both moral and performance domains; and a meta-layer of learning”.

As a university lecturer myself, I despair at the literacy and numeracy levels of young people who have spent twelve long years under the daily tutelage of people like this and yet they have not mastered basic skills for prospering in the contemporary world. Twelve years and they can’t spell and they can’t add up.

It is way beyond time for parents to get angry and demand an end to this loony left meddling in curricula. Teach our kids the basics and forget your far-fetched fancies, you fools. You have failed several generations of our youngsters and it is time you were stopped.

Sincere apologies to the many dedicated and committed teachers who try to do the right thing by their students and who do not subscribe to this kind of politically correct blather. May you prevail. Please!

Acknowledgement: Justine Ferrari, The Australian.