Catholic Cardinal continues sex abuse

You have to wonder if the Cardinals of the Catholic Church – not to mention the Archbishops, the Bishops and the priests – live on the same planet as the rest of us. So many of them portray a sense of morality that is disturbingly warped, despite their belief and teaching that they are the light to guide the rest of us.

Go down their path and you really could end up in some form of hell.

The latest dagger in the soul of the church comes from the cardinal tipped as favourite to become the first black pope: Peter Turkson of Ghana.

This strange disciple of the Catholic god reckons that the sex scandals that have rocked the church in other parts of the world would not happen in Africa because – wait for it – African culture condemns gays. Gotta love a good belief system that promotes tolerance and acceptance. Didn’t the bible tell us Jesus forgave Mary Magdalene her sins as a prostitute? And admonish all others to do the same?

Such an enlightened attitude is clearly not for today’s church leaders, however.

I would love to ask Cardinal Turkson just what has driven so many priests, brothers and nuns to have their way with young innocents in their charge? In his mind, obviously, there was no element of homosexuality at all. Maybe the offenders just wanted to make life difficult for those they abused so their ‘redemption’ could be all the greater once they overcame the mental trauma?

That Turkson cannot even see that condemning gays is a form of abuse is sad. That such a man could even be mentioned as a possible Pope is truly frightening.

If those charged with guiding the catholic church cannot see that the resigning Pope Benedict XVI alienated untold numbers of former believers around the world, they risk consigning the church to increasing irrelevance by putting someone else in charge who is similarly opposed to contemporary thinking.

Through its history, the church has adopted many reforms – just think of the English version of mass, for a start – so it has demonstrated its willingness and capacity to adjust its thinking and practices to suit contemporary conditions. To retreat to ultra conservative thinking of the past will carry its own price and the cardinals may find their flock continues to diminish.