Phoneographers: get a life


Interesting to note that Motley Crue’s Tommy Lee gets teed-off by idiots and their smartphones.

The well-inked drummer was giving fans a good time during a DJ gig at an Adelaide club over the weekend.

He invested 90 minutes in the music and all seemed to have a good time. But when he finished, Lee let fire with tweets giving plenty of stick to those who wanted to capture his performance.

And, no, this was not a celebrity rant about fans capturing unplugged video of him. He expressed grave annoyance with the selfishness of those who don’t give a damn about other patrons trying to enjoy themselves.

As Lee tweeted: “U guys and your f—ing cameras are killing me! How to kill a vibe in 1.2 secs! Whip out your f—ing cell, turn the flash on too and shoot video with the light on the whole time. It’s not the pictures that bother me! It’s the boring f—s standing there taking pics and not being in the moment of what’s happening.”

Hallelujah and amen! Let’s hear it for Tommy Lee taking a stand.

Anyone who has sat behind some idiot at a concert more interested in capturing snaps or videos will understand the frustration they can cause.

First, they raise the camera to get a good shot, thereby blocking the view of many of those seated behind. Then they use their flash (oh, doh, that’s gonna make a big difference in a concert arena!) which only spoils the light show for anyone nearby. And then they sit there viewing their snaps so that the glare off their mini screen once again shatters the darkness and the light show that the rest of the audience have paid to enjoy. But, worst of all, they miss most of the show by worrying about taking video that can never, ever capture the moment. Idiots!

I’m quite a pacifist but one dickhead like this got right up my nose at a concert a while back, ruining the ambience again and again and again. Until I used a break between songs to tell him that if he continued I would snatch the phone and throw it so far he would never find it again.

I did get to enjoy the rest of the concert but was bloody nervous when I saw the size of the dude as he left. Still he must have reckoned my anger was arguably greater than his size so nothing eventuated. Whew! But sometimes ya gotta take a stand, eh?


 Acknowldgement: Q Confidential, The Courier-Mail