What’s wrong with this scenario?

Australia’s Finance Minister, Senator Penny Wong, is openly gay. She has a one-year-old daughter with her partner, Sophie Allouache.

Last week Senator Wong hosted a major International Women’s Day function in Adelaide that attracted nearly 2500 participants.

Allegedly, Senator Wong could not get a babysitter because her mum and all her other friends were also attending the IWD function, too. It was reported in an enraptured fashion that she did what any other proud mum would do and took the toddler along with her.

There’s just a couple of points in the story that don’t gel with me.

The journalist described Senator Wong as ‘intensely private’ so you have to wonder what she and her lesbian partner are doing flaunting their very young baby at such a high-profile function with all the media about town making it a focus?

I also wonder why a sensible mother would take such a baby to a large, loud function of 2500 people in a convention centre? Not a good fit, really.

Perhaps the clue lies in the statement that the daughter helped her mother win-over the large audience. Hmm . . . no, an aspiring politician would not use her baby to win votes would she? No, surely, not.

I have no objection to gay marriage but I cannot suppress my natural instinct that a gay marriage of either gender is not a good way to raise children. I must be an arch-conservative from the dark ages but, to me, it just does not seem right.

And, sexuality aside, I really feel that quality parenting does not encompass taking such a young baby to such a major function. But, again, maybe it’s just me who has got it wrong.



Acknowledgement: Michael Owen, The Weekend Australian