When child care is a form of child abuse


There is something deeply disturbing about adults who “want to have it all”.  The only thing worse is those who actually believe they are entitled to “have it all”.

It is not that aspiration is a bad thing but, really, who has lived into their twenties and beyond without understanding that life does not deliver us all we crave?

The super-achievers who are determined to have parenthood, career and substantial material wealth are often those who subject their children to unconscionable burdens while their parents “live the dream”. A pox on these obnoxious people and their inflated sense of self-worth.

The trigger for this frustration is the boom growth of before- and after-school care with latest research indicating that Australia’s largest provider of this service has seen enrolments of 5 and 6-year-olds soar by 10% this year.

The sad reality for many tiny tots is that they are sentenced to eleven-hour school days because their parents are greedy, selfish and abusive.

Some principals have started to register their concern, advising that children this young are being exhausted by the demands of such long and mentally arduous days.

Surprise, surprise, but the peak body for providers of out-of-school hours child care defends the practice. But, then, money has always spoken loudly.

They providers say there are opportunities for kiddies to rest, relax and play. And, tellingly, that many of these toddlers have been subjected to this kind of lifestyle since they were born. Well, that makes it all right, then.

Children are the most precious resource we have and parenting is – or should be – a serious responsibility. Sacrificing the quality of life of our most vulnerable members is a telling indictment of our society and a complete condemnation of those who abuse it.


Acknowledgement: Pia Akerman, The Australian.