The wonderful magic of WordPress

So many people who blog, honour all manner of great influences on their lives. They honour parents, relatives, friends, issues and circumstances for helping make them who they are. They give thanks through their internet presence.

And what is the common characteristic? In so many cases it is WordPress.

Yet, how often do we stop to consider how much this extraordinary free application has enabled so many hundreds of thousands of people across the world change their lives for the better?

Because the fundamental truth of WordPress is that it enables people to communicate: it gives people a voice. And it provides it in a generally benign and supportive environment in which we can share almost every aspect of our humanity; that which makes us what we are.

And, more than any encyclopedia, it offers all readers an education in thoughts, feelings and formative happenings.

WordPress offers the world a mirror that is both searingly honest in its reflection but also mind-blowingly variable in its refraction. Better than any kaleidoscope it offers us a uniquely varied and colourful view of the world and the people who make this planet such an apparently unprecedented outpost in the universe.

For how many of us is WordPress one of the best things to have happened in our lives?

Thank you, WordPress!