Vanity and the cult of the male

Now, this may be purely an Australian thing. But I suspect not. Girls, beware of those handsome devils you come across on Facebook. Seems men are not willing to let an ugly head stymie their appeal to the other sex.
In a shock, horror story to rival the resurrection of Hitler, we have just learned that up to one third of Australian men with a Facebook presence have manipulated their online images to appear more attractive. What a bunch of weak, wussy, pathetic, little sad sacks!
But it gets worse. In a shock, horror story to rival the election of Kin Jong-Un as secretary-General of the United Nations, we learn that Australian males will use an unflattering photo of friends if they, themselves, look all right.
I’m appalled. Decency has been trashed and I now realise that there really is no Santa Claus. Bummer.
But if you think the extent of Australian male depravity has been fully revealed, I hesitate to say No, there is worse. More than a third of Aussie males deliberately post ugly photos of friends online just to embarrass them.
Most of these vanity-obsessed turkeys are young bucks in the 20-24 age group. Old farts like me wouldn’t know how to use the appropriate software.
It will perhaps come as no surprise, then, to learn that the problem spreads even wider with girls as young as 11 using software such as Photoshop to touch-up their photos. There is a seriously sad tinge to this statistic, though, as many of these young women are sufficiently unhappy with their own self-image they try to make their online persona someone different.
This is a direct consequence of the out-of-control fad of adulating celebrity. Sadly, many of these youngsters do not realise just how manipulated are the photos of these celebrities as they appear in magazines.
And, of course, the real lesson is always to be sceptical of anything you come across online because it gets ever harder to know just where truth lies.

Acknowledgement: Petra Starke and Wes Hosking, The Courier-Mail.