fatness foolishness

In an era in which commonsense around food and nutrition is needed more than ever, there is some absolute tripe published about the topic.

The latest offender is the Ohio State University’s College of Public Health which found that spending time cooking can make you fat. Yep, that’s right: you heard it here.

These geniuses studied 100,000 adults to come up with an extraordinary conclusion: that people who spend more time in the kitchen spend less time in the gym. So, their corollary is: if you buy take-away food, you’ll have more time to spend getting fit. Seriously, folks, these are university researchers and they persuaded 100,000 people to be studied. And, as the lead researcher summed-up: “As the amount of time men and women spend on food preparation increases, the likelihood that those same people will exercise more decreases.”

Did somebody once suggest you had to be smart to g to uni? Not any more by the sounds of it.