Drowning in a sea of red tape


Life without government is pretty hard to imagine. Yes, we love to rubbish those in power (heaven knows they deserve it!) but the services they provide do make life much easier than it would otherwise be. Just think sewerage.

That said, there are a lot of sins government is answerable for and going overboard with red tape regulation is one of them.

What brought this to mind was the Australian government patting itself on the back (one of the very few things it is good at) for cutting a lot of red tape.

They have just breathlessly announced they have repealed over 1000 regulations and other instruments in the Attorney-General’s portfolio. That was okay at face value but then they said this red tape was part of the more than 12,000 regulations the Australian government will be repealing this year.

And you just know that this morass of crap is but a teaspoonful in an ocean of the rules they try to suffocate us with.

How many public servants do we (all of us, all over the world) pay to keep dreaming these damned things up? It’s frightening.

Indicative of the nonsense we have to suffer is their closing statement. It says it all, really. “The repeal instrument is registered in the Federal Register of Legislative Instruments and takes full effect from today”. Oh, dear.