Anyone doubt we live in a weird world?

Let’s face it, a lot of strange things happen in America. That doesn’t make all Americans strange. Hey, some of my best friends are, you know, . . .

But there are some aspects of US culture that go way beyond anything people in the rest of the world would generally regard as normal.

And ya can’t go past guns for examples of strangeness.

Take the rural enclave of Nelson in Georgia. The civic leaders of this community of 1300 souls recently decreed that you MUST own a gun. Well, they did offer a few exemptions to, like, people with mental illness. Very encouraging, folks!

They’ve already got their catchy tagline ready for the world: “If you plan on doing us harm, we’ll be armed.”
Councilman Duane Cronic framed it something like this: Anyone planning on mischief should just keep on moseying down the road a ways.

Not sure what this will do for tourism in Nelson but, America being America, there’ll probably be a massive influx of eager beavers come visitin’ just to show off their own rinky-dink firearms. The next hoedown could go off with a real bang.

It is also worth nothing that there are now some 270,000,000 guns circulating across America.

Scarily, there are more retail gun stores than large supermarkets in the US: 51,438 versus 36,569. When you include other licensed firearms dealers at places like pawn shops, there are a staggering 129,817 legitimate places you can buy a gun.

Let’s not even think of the number of back alleys and other shady places where cash will get you some heat. Whew!