Community blogging

There is a certain egotism to blogging that cannot be denied. Indeed, should not be denied. We want our voices to be heard, in whatever shape, form or process that suits each of us, individually.

I really hunger for a large audience. It would signify that what I have to say has some validity. After all, if people don’t wish to read what you have to say then maybe your message does not resonate. It’s a basic, if brutal, law of the universe.

We attract an audience according to the validity of our message. At least, that is the presumption. But there are many factors that intervene between sender and receiver. And they make a lot of difference.

I would rather have a community that relates to my posts because I/we have established some degree of mutual understanding that establishes a bond. I really don’t need ‘followers’ who want me to boost their own visitation records just for the potential marketing reward. Please go away! I don’t need or want your unsought advice on how to make money from blogging.

Yes, I would LOVE to derive income from my blogging activities but not at the cost of sacrificing my desire to exchange meaning with others. And that means engaging, meaningfully, with my ‘community’.

So, I don’t always agree with some of the posts published by those I follow. Doesn’t matter. Their voices and views are valid and it is instructive to hear what they have to say. WordPress has become a university of life. The array of subjects on offer is stupendous and you can always go at your own pace.

When I secure a new Follower, I get a real thrill. It’s a buzz. Some are fly-by-nighters and that’s fine. They are doing this for a reason: to build an audience and anything goes. Okay, I get that.

But the ones that matter most are those that offer a comment, even an occasional one. It establishes that small sense of community.

It’s fascinating that you can develop a relationship (no matter how tenuous) with someone you wouldn’t know if you fell over them. And maybe that’s a big part of the freedom of WordPress. Maybe it is the ability to speak – mostly – without having to defend or justify yourself. Your views are out there and if someone doesn’t like them, you can defend them or just let the criticism go by. Makes life easy.

Yes, I love this blogging thing. And I worship WordPress for making it possible. After the internet, perhaps one of the best innovations of all time. Seriously.

To those who enjoy interacting with me and having me interact with them: I thank you. It’s a trip and it makes each day different and worthwhile. Some days are better than others (we all like our Likes!) but every single one holds the promise of a better tomorrow. Let’s hear it for community blogging!