Gotta love the plastic!

Indonesia is a vast archipelago that stretches for thousands of kilometres. It comprises some 18,000 islands of which 10,000 remain to be named and there are less than one thousand that are permanently occupied. A great place to get lost!

It is also the world’s most populous Muslim nation with some 240 million people. This makes it the world’s fourth-most populous nation after China, India and America.

But there is another distinguishing characteristic that makes Indonesia somewhat different: they just can’t get enough Tupperware. Yes, Indonesia has just supplanted Germany as the biggest global market for the ubiquitous American food icon.

As middle class prosperity spreads throughout Asia, so is demand for the hallmarks of increasing affluence – and Tupperware has caught the Indon imagination in a big way.

Consider that there were 2000 sellers of the plastic dishes in the year 2000. Today there are 170,000 sellers! And their efforts are a godsend to Tupperware which is suffering declining sales growth in other markets.

The world buys around $2.5 billion of Tupperware dishes and one-third of these sales are now coming from Asia. Population growth in the region suggests demand will remain strong for a long time to come.