Like mother, like daughter

Angry young woman - josh janssen

Now, we all know that guys are even-tempered and never suffer emotional disturbances such as hormonal fluctuations or anything like that. Lovely creatures, really. Trust me.

But, women . . . now, that’s another story. Well, according to some new research anyway.

First, the good bits: of two thousand young English women interviewed, 75% say they are grateful for the way their mother has raised them. And, indeed, 67% are happy to confess that their mum made them the person they are today and acknowledge they owe a debt of gratitude.  Lovely girls. The other 33% are ungrateful little buggers who should have to repay all the money invested in them by their parents over the years. But that’s just my parental bias slipping in.

Interestingly, it takes women until around age 23 to start to appreciate their mother. As a male I have no idea why that would be so and I am not even game enough to go there.

But there appears to be very little sweetness and light for those first two decades.

Teenage girls admit they fight with their mother, on average, every two days. What a joy! Never fear, dads cop it too, and they are vilified at nearly the same rate.  Ah, the happy home.

But, wait, there’s more . . .   Young women have even more fights with their brothers and sisters than they do with their parents – not to mention to dust-ups with their friends. Which all means, statistically,  that hardly a day goes by without drama and angst.

Thank heaven I had boys! Whew!

Photo acknowledgement: Josh Janssen