If ya ain’t got nothin’ to say, shut the —- up!

Processed by: Helicon Filter;Blogging is great. It is a wonderful outlet for those with something to say and it offers the world a mode of expression we have never before been able to enjoy.

But it is an addictive process, too. And, like all good things, that can undermine some of blogging’s inherent value.

There are a few annoyances. Like those who have too much to say. Been guilty of that myself as I tasked myself to upload a new piece every single day. Did it for a long time, too, which proved I had the discipline. But did I have enough of value to say to maintain that pace? Probably not

And the temptation to build an audience is strong. For some, overwhelming. It leads to mind-games and inanity. Ultimately, it is largely an exercise in futility – especially for those who create an audience for themselves to ‘make a living through blogging’. Go away all of you, I don’t want you on my site and I am not interested in your silly bloody games. You lie, cheat and are dishonourable. Bugger off!

It’s like authors who write because they can make a living from it. That, in itself, is not a bad thing. But no matter how talented a writer is there is an empty feeling when you discern they are doing it by rote. Very dissatisfying.

But my blog has enabled me to make loose friendships with some wonderful people. Many, if not most, I would not know if I fell over them in a supermarket. Some I have not a clue what they even look like. Some may not even be the gender I think they are! And when some use an attractive avatar (or real-life photo) I feel kinds guilty in case they think I’m visiting them coz they look good. Ah, it can be tough not being sexist (though I’m not sure I haven’t blotted my copybook on that anyway!).

But me and some of my followers have swapped a lot of thoughts. A lot of positivity. A good deal of shared experience. And, in today’s world, that’s a damned good thing. Just look at what’s on television by contrast.

So, I was thinking I would be more philosophical in what I post to the blog. Who knows what will eventuate. I may disappoint some but please others. Ain’t that the life of a writer?

I can only promise I will try my damnedest not to bore you in the future.

PS: I loved this photo (title BBoomerindenial)