A funny approach to terrorism

Anti-terrorism billboard - Dave Cross

Ya gotta love government. Well, not really coz they do some stupid things – supposedly on our behalf and for our betterment but they always involve spending our tax dollars.

The Australian government is as bad as anywhere else (if not worse!) and a media release issued by our Attorney-General recently reinforced my cynicism.

It called on “not-for-profit organisations, including community groups and local councils” to apply for grants to “counter violent extremism”.

Can you imagine that? Kind-hearted older folk pottering around the neighbourhood in their delightful knitting and glee clubs seeking federal funds to combat extremist violence.

Now, it’s wonderful that our government has such faith in all those good and decent people who join community groups. But to consider them as a bulwark against violent extremism? Nah, that’s not even funny.

With his hand on his heart our Attorney-General says he wants to encourage community groups to build resistance to violent extremist influences and beliefs.

Seems that this funding has been doled-out for the past three years with fifty projects receiving payments amounting to $4.1 million.

No wonder Australia is such a peaceful nation. Thank you, Mr Attorney-General for letting us sleep safely at night.

Image: Dave Cross