What religion should you be?

Religion flowchart - Zombie Inc.

Bigot is not a pleasant word. Then again, it describes ugly people so, if the cap fits . . .

Sadly, there are many – way, way too many – people who hold sincere religious convictions but who all too frequently behave in a manner which contradicts their espoused beliefs. That’s hypocrisy which is another unattractive word. For unattractive people.

These two words came to mind recently when an Australian member of federal parliament was sworn into Ministerial office. At the ceremony, he swore his oath of office on a Koran rather than the standard bible. In doing so, he became the nation’s first Muslim Cabinet Minister. Well, actually he’s only a Parliamentary Secretary but that’s just half a rung below, so close enough.

Our nominal head of State, the Governor-General, declared the event a great day for multiculturalism in Australia. And so it was.

But the bigots and hypocrites unleashed their typical torrent of venom in a way that demeans themselves and no-one else.

The newspapers reported one online critic (self-dubbed Dinki Di Sheila) as saying: “You have created history of the worst order, to swear on the Koran!! This is Australia with Australian laws”. Sorry, Dinky Di, but you are as false as a bad penny for it is our honourable Australian laws that permit religious diversity and many other freedoms. Perhaps you are the one who should go live elsewhere?

The MP was labeled as disgusting by another paragon of virtue who likened the Koran as the same book terrorists use to swear fealty to al-Qua’ida. Ignore the exceptional acts of terror that have been instigated over two millennia in the name of Christ and I guess you could see the Koran in that light.

The unenlightened attitudes expressed by many who profess religious faith is what makes rationalism so appealing to those who cannot comprehend the notion of the universe being managed by a god.

And to think that humanity is the absolute pinnacle of creation across the unfathomable vastness of the universe (even to the extent of our limited understanding of it) is egotistical and arrogant beyond comprehension.  If we were so wonderful why would peace and plenty not reign across our world?

It is just passing strange that so many religions and creeds (bearing in mind that even Buddhist monks have been known to riot) pay homage to tolerance and forgiveness yet adherents betray that concept through selfish, antagonistic and destructive mindsets. Very sad.

What a wonderful thing it would be if decency and humility guided the lives of more people than is the case.

Image: Zombie Inc.