The futility of fast food

Oxford St, Toronto, Ontario, CanadaWhat is it about people who over-indulge in fast food? Do they not have mirrors in their homes? Is the only reflective surface they encounter a television, PC or smartphone screen?

Coz, mostly, they look bloody ugly!

Yes, that’s a provocative statement but given the cost to society generally of the lack of discipline associated with poor eating and drinking habits, this is not an issue that should be ignored.

There’s plenty of research being conducted into fitness, fatness and associated issues but few seem to take any notice. The latest study is surely a call to arms – but is it all too late?

Weight Watchers Australia (okay it has a vested interest, but . . .) warns that we are now normalising obesity.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has the data that 63.4% of us are now overweight or obese. And the trend is rising rapidly.

It may be a burst of sanity that women are becoming more relaxed about their weight. Weight Watcher tells us 29% are now comfortable with their weight compared to just 18% a mere five years ago. Still, women now want to lose 14.5kg (a not inconsiderable amount)which is 2kg less than five years ago. Relaxed and comfortable, indeed.

WW’s prediction is that in just 15 years, more than 75% of Aussies will be overweight.

Worse, is that people appear determined to try anything but a healthy diet to achieve a weight that is sensible. It is claimed the average woman tries some 40 different diets during her life. Men, apparently, just keep on drinking to solve their issues.

Maybe it is time we made meal preparation and nutrition mandatory classes in primary and secondary schools.

Acknowledgement: Nathan Klein, The Courier-Mail