September 17

He did but see her passing by

Park bench

She was gorgeous and he gazed hungrily in her direction. Since there was no-one else in the gardens and the path she was wandering along passed just a few feet in front of him, he knew she had to be aware of him. But there was a fluid confidence in her movements, the assurance of an attractive woman accustomed to lingering glances from strangers.

He wanted to pretend he was looking elsewhere but his eyes refused to stray from her beauty. They were already captivated. He surrendered to their impulse.

Her long tresses fanned-out behind her as the wind played games with their soft and lively bounce. The sun joined the frolic, creating a halo of lustrous glints that crowned her regal serenity. She’s a goddess, his inner voice whispered. The moistness of his palms was testament to this truth.

But then his mind contorted in confusion as she fixed him with her gaze and smiled. He had no thoughts because rationality had fled. But he was her captive slave forever. He would willingly serve her till he died. Just to receive another smile would be all he ever wanted from the remainder of his life.

As his heart pounded, the sun shone through the fabric of her dress, silhouetting her slender legs with such clarity that he blushed. His groin reacted instantly, so much so that he shifted guiltily on the bench.

As she moved away, he begged his legs to propel him after her but a nervous fear rooted him to the wooden slats. He would have called out but his mouth was so dry no sound came.

Stunned, he slumped limply. Her smile teased his imagination and he knew he had been privileged. But an ache gripped his heart as the realisation came that he would have shared his life with this vision of loveliness. He should have. She might have.

As he departed and darkness descended, the bench sat stoically awaiting yet another one-act play to keep it amused during its not so lonely vigil.

Image: thanks to Seth