Aussie idiots abroad

Boulder hangingThe myth of the rugged Aussie individualist – strong, self-reliant and savvy – is being exposed as a flight of fancy by young Australians who are a pathetic disgrace to our notional national identity.

The ratbags unravelling our sense of self-worth are generally younger travellers who take off to see the world but cry for Mummy as soon as something goes wrong.

These lily-livered layabouts are starting to call our consular offices around the globe if they happen to suffer an incorrect flight booking or hotel accommodation.

Seriously. Their sense of entitlement these days is so exorbitant that they believe their government should hold their hand like a wet-nurse mothering an infant.

You doubt this? How about Aussies rescued from serious peril who then asked how they could claim frequent flier points for their salvationary airlift?

They don’t deserve to be Australian with attitudes like that.

The issue of helping nationals in danger abroad is now becoming a major issue because the cost implications are demanding a rethink of priorities.

For instance, should they be entitled to expected free consular help if they ignore travel advisories and land in unsafe destinations where they become imperilled?

If they engage in dangerous or extreme sports activities, should they be entitled to free assistance to receive medical care at home?

No! Personal responsibility is the cornerstone of democracy. Otherwise we surrender to the implacable totalitarianism of the nanny state. And that threat is way too pervasive already.

A reasonable compromise – except in the case of demonstrable stupidity or cupidity – is to charge these idiots abroad for the trouble they are causing. Letting them off free only encourages greater idiocy.

Enough is enough. Accept the risks or stay home


Acknowledgement: Brendan Nicholson, The Australian, 13/1/2014