Grace lacking in God’s waiting room

Okay, so most of us hate performance reviews. The research is pretty conclusive. But we also say that we value regular feedback on how we are travelling at work. It’s a conundrum.

But imagine if you were part of a large work group whose boss went public to denounce your collective behaviours in damning terms. Not pleasant.

Well, that’s what just happened to the bureaucrats who staff the Vatican when Pope Francis tore strips off them.

He berated his administrative staff for displaying sociopathic tendencies more aligned with the mafia than the most populous church in the world.

It seems all those cardinals, archbishops, monsignors and mere priests who keep the church functioning on a daily basis demonstrate a ruthlessness in career protection and enhancement that would make even Donald Trump blush.

Pope Francis told his senior bureaucrats their behaviour was like a cancer to the church. He also described some of his functionaries as being inspired by the devil. Whew! When it comes to performance reviews, Il Papa clearly does not believe in false praise.

Some of his staff’s Machiavellian practices include appointing enemies to positions where they would be less threatening. This has led the Pope to warn he will no longer tolerate careerism, backstabbing or turf wars.

Worryingly, this is the third year in a row that Pope Francis has berated his bureaucrats for “malicious resistance”.

The apparent refusal of his Vatican prelates to obey him has prompted the Pope to warn he intends to hire lay staff, including women, to get the Church’s house in order.

It makes you wonder: if the princes of the Church won’t obey the man they glorify as God’s direct representative on Earth then what are we supposed to make of their example?