Trolls need shares

do not feed trolls

Domestic violence is disgusting and not to be tolerated in any way, shape or form. It seems to be a growing menace but perhaps we are simply seeing it in the glare of the media spotlight compared to the shadowy, dark secret it once was?

Still, we are now told technology is the new weapon of choice in family violence and features in up to 98% of cases.

One example is a woman jogger whose ex-partner was watching her while she was exercising. Creepy. But he was able to do so because the woman shared her workout details on a social media app.

Well, bloody hell, how dumb can you be? For a start, what makes some people think anyone else really wants to know all the details of their exercise routine? It is a perverse form of egotism verging on narcissism.

Revenge porn can only happen if you are silly enough to take or share very personal imagery. Doh!

Don’t use location-tracking apps if you don’t want the world to be able to follow your every footstep. Doh!

Bottom line: if you want privacy, don’t broadcast private details of your life to the world. How can that not be blindingly obvious?

There are many bad people in the world – and the number sadly seems to be escalating rapidly – who will readily take advantage of others. The simplest form of protection is to not give others the opportunity to bully or betray.

Remember the old saying: discretion is the better part of valour. Today it means don’t expose your life online if you value personal safety.