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March 09

Trolls need shares

Domestic violence is disgusting and not to be tolerated in any way, shape or form. It seems to be a growing menace but perhaps we are simply seeing it in the glare of the media spotlight compared to the shadowy, dark secret it once was? Still, we are now told technology is the new weapon […]

January 20

The crucifixion of Nick Kyrgios

The torrent of vitriol nearly drowning young tennis prodigy, Nick Kyrgios, is appalling and un-Australian. It says far more about the inadequacies of the critics than it does about the player. To watch the first three games of Kyrgios’ match against Andreas Seppi in the 2017 Australian Open was to witness magic. His Italian opponent […]

July 04

A pox on passwords

You know what I’m afraid of: that when I get to heaven, I’ll be asked for my password before I can login. And there ain’t no way in hell I’ll have a clue what that bloody password is supposed to be. Now, set aside the notion that I believe in a life hereafter coz I […]

June 23

Rolf hits wrong note

Boomers around the world await the jury verdict on charges against Rolf Harris of sexual assault. But regardless of what verdicts the jury returns, most of us have already decided his guilt or innocence. As Australians, many of us are saddened that one of our first global entertainment superstars has been forever tarnished by allegations […]

June 03

If ya ain’t got nothin’ to say, shut the —- up!

Blogging is great. It is a wonderful outlet for those with something to say and it offers the world a mode of expression we have never before been able to enjoy. But it is an addictive process, too. And, like all good things, that can undermine some of blogging’s inherent value. There are a few […]

May 17

Like mother, like daughter

Now, we all know that guys are even-tempered and never suffer emotional disturbances such as hormonal fluctuations or anything like that. Lovely creatures, really. Trust me. But, women . . . now, that’s another story. Well, according to some new research anyway. First, the good bits: of two thousand young English women interviewed, 75% say […]

May 15

Tickle your nose

There appears to be something in the coffee that Turkish men are addicted to because, as a nationality, they sport some of the best moustaches in the world. Big, thick Saddam Hussein-type upper lip growth. If facial hair is any indicator of virility, then Turkish men would never need Viagra. But given they have established […]

May 13

I just wanna swim with a polar bear

I just wanna swim with a polar bear. Okay, so they might be partial to some human flesh if it came their way on a cold day, but they are just so damned intriguing. They always strike me as cute and while I recognise that their native environment and untold millennia of genetic conditioning makes […]

Australia’s national character slurred

Despite its small population – 22 million – Australia has always performed exceptionally well in global sports contests. We love sport and while most of us are sadly just armchair fans, those who do dedicate their lives to achieving great prowess do the rest of us proud. Sadly, the exploits of our sports stars allow […]

Wouldn’t it be nice if . . .

So, 2013 is upon us. Will it be like so many other years in which high hopes were slivered on the shards of broken dreams or will we find enough optimism in the inevitable ocean of challenges to approach each new day with vigour, light-heartedness and a commitment to leave a positive influence on those […]