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July 01

Shrinking our children’s world

Would we welcome a world of the future in which people tended to be risk-averse, uncomfortable with natural environments and favoured digital competency over physical capability? The change would be dramatic. The divergence from previous generations spanning millennia would be remarkably transformative and life would not be as we have largely known it. Given the […]

June 25

Houses are becoming apartments

Australia’s colonial homes are a wonderful part of our architectural heritage but they are being transformed in a way that sabotages their designers’ intentions. It is more obvious in Queensland than elsewhere as the change sweeps across the sprawling timber houses that showcase a bygone era. The hot, steamy conditions that characterise the Sunshine State […]

October 24

Going cold on hot air

Did anyone notice the story that the Antarctic winter ice sheet has swollen to a record level? NASA satellite imagery shows it now covers an immense 19.47 million sq km. Not bad for a planet pundits claim is plagued by global warming. And last year’s cover was a record, too. And NASA says the winter […]