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March 09

Trolls need shares

Domestic violence is disgusting and not to be tolerated in any way, shape or form. It seems to be a growing menace but perhaps we are simply seeing it in the glare of the media spotlight compared to the shadowy, dark secret it once was? Still, we are now told technology is the new weapon […]

February 13

The loss of moral authority

It is interesting to note the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, admonishing the Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier for promoting legislation decriminalising late-term abortions. Both of Queensland’s parliamentary leaders are women and both are apparently believers in Catholicism. Going for the jugular, Archbishop Coleridge said such legislation would make Queensland like Nazi Germany. More […]

February 07

A fabulous interview with Cory Bernardi

Sir, some are calling you Sinator given your crimes against the Liberal Party and humanity. How do you respond Well, Jesus too, was castigated by people who did not understand his true glory. You compare yourself to the Messiah I answer to many names. I use this title not for any personal self-aggrandisement and only […]

February 03

A fine mess

Queensland stands ready to adopt a new marketing slogan for its vehicle number plates: The Fraudulent State. It’s a consequence of citizens engaging in a massive fraud scheme where they default on payment of fines imposed for driving offences and unpaid tolls. The current total of fines outstanding to the wonderfully-named State Penalty Enforcement Registry […]

January 17

Grace lacking in God’s waiting room

Okay, so most of us hate performance reviews. The research is pretty conclusive. But we also say that we value regular feedback on how we are travelling at work. It’s a conundrum. But imagine if you were part of a large work group whose boss went public to denounce your collective behaviours in damning terms. […]

July 04

A pox on passwords

You know what I’m afraid of: that when I get to heaven, I’ll be asked for my password before I can login. And there ain’t no way in hell I’ll have a clue what that bloody password is supposed to be. Now, set aside the notion that I believe in a life hereafter coz I […]

October 23

Nuttier than a fruitcake

There are days when I wonder if the world is crazy – or it’s just me? I suspect those who know me might suggest the world is fine but they have doubts about me. Sad, but I comfort myself by realising that all the people I know are very strange. No flies on me! But, […]

August 28

Losing the will to drive

    A remarkable societal transformation is taking place as young people thumb their noses at getting a driving licence. In decades past, having a motor vehicle licence was a highly-coveted status symbol signifying one had come of age. So much so that anyone who did not sit their learner’s test within weeks of their […]

July 24

Australian manhood goes soft

Dear, oh, dear!  Australian manhood has just been dealt a devastating blow. New research suggests we can’t get it up when it counts. Who would have thought? Our whole national ethos is based on the myth of the rugged individualist and Aussie men are generally thought to consider themselves as John Wayne/Clint Eastwood types who […]

July 14

Use it AND lose it!

Growing old is a pain in the butt. It’s also pain in the feet; pain in the knees; pain in the back. Perhaps worse, though, is the pain between the ears as we contemplate how little wealth we have accumulated over a lifetime given we spent so many years imagining that fame and/or fortune would […]