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February 13

The loss of moral authority

It is interesting to note the Catholic Archbishop of Brisbane, Mark Coleridge, admonishing the Queensland Premier and Deputy Premier for promoting legislation decriminalising late-term abortions. Both of Queensland’s parliamentary leaders are women and both are apparently believers in Catholicism. Going for the jugular, Archbishop Coleridge said such legislation would make Queensland like Nazi Germany. More […]

February 07

A fabulous interview with Cory Bernardi

Sir, some are calling you Sinator given your crimes against the Liberal Party and humanity. How do you respond Well, Jesus too, was castigated by people who did not understand his true glory. You compare yourself to the Messiah I answer to many names. I use this title not for any personal self-aggrandisement and only […]

January 11

Demise of the Liberal Party

Is it time to think the unthinkable: that the Liberal Party has run its course? This concept would send shivers down the spines of many conservatives but can this supposedly nightmare scenario actually be avoided? The very reason it could happen – and possibly should – is that the Liberals can no longer clearly articulate […]

June 24

Read the writing on the wall, Kevin

There can be no argument that one needs uncommon self-belief and determination to become Prime Minister. Neither Bob Hawke nor Paul Keating could be classified as shy, retiring types. And while John Howard was much less ebullient than either of his immediate predecessors, his dogged determination and persistence could make an ultra-marathon runner look lazy. […]

January 13

Aussie idiots abroad

The myth of the rugged Aussie individualist – strong, self-reliant and savvy – is being exposed as a flight of fancy by young Australians who are a pathetic disgrace to our notional national identity. The ratbags unravelling our sense of self-worth are generally younger travellers who take off to see the world but cry for […]

September 26

Breathing-in bulldust

Asbestosis is a dreadful affliction. Since there is no cure for it, victims usually suffer a lengthy and painful death, essentially caused by lack of oxygen from breathing as lung function decreases. Health authorities around the globe have mounted major education and awareness campaigns in tandem with legislative and regulatory bans on asbestos itself and […]

September 09

The delusion of democracy

Australia went to the polls over the weekend and gave itself a new government. Lots of people are happy and lots of people are sad. That’s an inevitable consequence of choosing one side or another. In every lottery there are winners and losers. But is Australia well served by our democracy? Because I like the […]

July 23

An act of infamy

There has been a tragic decline in the standards of political life over the past few decades. Even worse is that not only has the behaviour of politicians declined disgustingly but public acceptance of appalling standards has become the norm. Few things shock us any more but Australia’s Prime Minister has just done something so […]

July 10

What religion should you be?

Bigot is not a pleasant word. Then again, it describes ugly people so, if the cap fits . . . Sadly, there are many – way, way too many – people who hold sincere religious convictions but who all too frequently behave in a manner which contradicts their espoused beliefs. That’s hypocrisy which is another […]

June 28

Does the cloud compute?

Cloud computing is all the rage but not everyone understands just what it is and its implications. Essentially it describes the delivery of hosted services via the internet to remotely process, share and store digital data. As the de facto currency of the information economy, secure management of digital data is of vital importance, with […]