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March 01

A sweet death

At long, long last societal disapproval of those who smoke cigarettes has become the norm. How long will it now be before the same scorn is applied to those eating unhealthy sugary foods? Australia is about to embark on a social engineering escapade unmatched in scope in our history. The fight against fat is about […]

February 07

A fabulous interview with Cory Bernardi

Sir, some are calling you Sinator given your crimes against the Liberal Party and humanity. How do you respond Well, Jesus too, was castigated by people who did not understand his true glory. You compare yourself to the Messiah I answer to many names. I use this title not for any personal self-aggrandisement and only […]

February 03

A fine mess

Queensland stands ready to adopt a new marketing slogan for its vehicle number plates: The Fraudulent State. It’s a consequence of citizens engaging in a massive fraud scheme where they default on payment of fines imposed for driving offences and unpaid tolls. The current total of fines outstanding to the wonderfully-named State Penalty Enforcement Registry […]

January 05

Superannuants not pensioners

Australians like to think we are rugged individualists who are fiercely independent and self-reliant. But the squeals of outrage over changes to the pension system expose that as a sad myth. The harsh reality is that our society has fallen victim to the insidious disease of entitlement. And the blame falls squarely and utterly at […]

October 23

Nuttier than a fruitcake

There are days when I wonder if the world is crazy – or it’s just me? I suspect those who know me might suggest the world is fine but they have doubts about me. Sad, but I comfort myself by realising that all the people I know are very strange. No flies on me! But, […]

September 17

He did but see her passing by

She was gorgeous and he gazed hungrily in her direction. Since there was no-one else in the gardens and the path she was wandering along passed just a few feet in front of him, he knew she had to be aware of him. But there was a fluid confidence in her movements, the assurance of […]

June 02

Climbing over the back of humanity

There is a perception, rather widespread, that people who climb mountains – serious mountains – are special people who have more guts and determination than most of us. We tend to respect such people because we see them as somewhat exotic and very talented. But we may have been judging them wrongly. In fact, it […]

A leap of faith

Suicide is rarely an easy topic to discuss but it is, as they say, a fact of life so it’s pointless to pretend otherwise. The issue comes to mind because the city government where I live – Brisbane, Australia – is about to enact anti-suicide measures on a major bridge that crosses the Brisbane River […]

The shallowness of social media

   There’s something very sad about the rise of social media: SMS, Twitter, Facebook and their ilk. Like a big feed of fast food, they offer instant gratification that titillates the taste buds but later there is only a congealed staleness in your gut and no sense of repleteness at all. Taking social media at […]

On ya bike, pal!

There was a time when Lance Armstrong could ride a bike. Really well. But then his ego got in the way and he figuratively went head over the handlebars. Proving that he was truly a man of special abilities, Armstrong took to lying and cheating with a gusto that made his passion for cycling look […]