July 04

A pox on passwords

You know what I’m afraid of: that when I get to heaven, I’ll be asked for my password before I can login. And there ain’t no way in hell I’ll have a clue what that bloody password is supposed to be. Now, set aside the notion that I believe in a life hereafter coz I […]

July 01

Shrinking our children’s world

Would we welcome a world of the future in which people tended to be risk-averse, uncomfortable with natural environments and favoured digital competency over physical capability? The change would be dramatic. The divergence from previous generations spanning millennia would be remarkably transformative and life would not be as we have largely known it. Given the […]

June 27

Who would be a coach?

What kind of tolerance for pain would you have to have to be the coach of a sporting team or an individual athlete? It is a unique form of self-abuse that defies all logic. Don’t get me wrong, I’m utterly grateful to the people who devote their lives to the challenge of getting the teams […]

June 25

Houses are becoming apartments

Australia’s colonial homes are a wonderful part of our architectural heritage but they are being transformed in a way that sabotages their designers’ intentions. It is more obvious in Queensland than elsewhere as the change sweeps across the sprawling timber houses that showcase a bygone era. The hot, steamy conditions that characterise the Sunshine State […]

June 24

Read the writing on the wall, Kevin

There can be no argument that one needs uncommon self-belief and determination to become Prime Minister. Neither Bob Hawke nor Paul Keating could be classified as shy, retiring types. And while John Howard was much less ebullient than either of his immediate predecessors, his dogged determination and persistence could make an ultra-marathon runner look lazy. […]

June 23

Rolf hits wrong note

Boomers around the world await the jury verdict on charges against Rolf Harris of sexual assault. But regardless of what verdicts the jury returns, most of us have already decided his guilt or innocence. As Australians, many of us are saddened that one of our first global entertainment superstars has been forever tarnished by allegations […]

January 13

Aussie idiots abroad

The myth of the rugged Aussie individualist – strong, self-reliant and savvy – is being exposed as a flight of fancy by young Australians who are a pathetic disgrace to our notional national identity. The ratbags unravelling our sense of self-worth are generally younger travellers who take off to see the world but cry for […]

October 24

Going cold on hot air

Did anyone notice the story that the Antarctic winter ice sheet has swollen to a record level? NASA satellite imagery shows it now covers an immense 19.47 million sq km. Not bad for a planet pundits claim is plagued by global warming. And last year’s cover was a record, too. And NASA says the winter […]

October 23

Nuttier than a fruitcake

There are days when I wonder if the world is crazy – or it’s just me? I suspect those who know me might suggest the world is fine but they have doubts about me. Sad, but I comfort myself by realising that all the people I know are very strange. No flies on me! But, […]

October 22

The folly of faux feminism

Naivety is a common attribute of young people and is only to be expected as they struggle to understand ever more of life’s complexities. Yet, while naivety is excusable, foolishness is harder to accommodate and idiocy is just downright frightening. Take, for example, the United Kingdom’s latest musical gift to the world, girl band, Little […]